Prefab Construction

Something we’re hearing a lot about in our industry right now is the growing trend and popularity of prefab and modular commercial construction solutions.

Prefabricated construction components (elements that are manufactured off-site and then delivered to the construction site for installation) or a modular construction model (where entire building sections are constructed in a plant facility and delivered for on-site assembly) certainly has the potential to improve efficiencies.

Here are some reasons why:

Component Costs: Modular components – such as full hotel suites or electrical rooms– the efficiencies scaled up exponentially essentially saving time and money, while increasing quality.

Scheduling: Pre-built and brought to the job site is going to help the overall schedule including typical construction job site delays.

Labor Costs: Labor in a shop or manufacturing facility is usually more cost effective than labor on a job site.

Labor Efficiencies: On-site labor needs are more streamlined for prefabricated items, such as pre-cast concrete walls.

Our industry will continue to evolve – and it’s exciting to see how changes in processes and techniques will impact our business for the better!

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Mark Howie

Mark Howie founded ABT | Abacus Black Technologies in response to the need for small to medium-sized businesses in the Central and South-Eastern United States East to have access to a full-service IT department without the overhead expenses of in-house systems and personnel. Mark has authored publications including: "Fundamentals of IT Auditing" and "Securing your Networks." He is US Army veteran, married to his soulmate of 27 years, and father of two. He resides with his family and two dachshunds, just north of Ocean Springs, MS.