The Iced Tea Principle

If you don’t change today—your tomorrows will be like your yesterdays.

I like ice tea. Let me rephrase that…I love ice tea. Even more, I love sweet iced tea.

What I have discovered, is that if I put the same amount of tea; the same amount of sweetener, and the same amount of water together, the tea will taste about the same.

However, if I want it to taste a little citrus-y, I have to change the ingredients to include a lemon, a lime, or a splash of orange.

So is true with our lives. If we long for a better taste, we need an ingredient change. —And more times than not, that ingredient is found outside of our own pantry.

What ingredient do you need in 2020 to change the flavor of your work place? Your personal life?

Are you willing to explore outside of your personal pantry of resources to discover fresh new ingredients?

I challenge you to take the next 2 months to chart your year’s direction.

Although our “plans” tend to become foolishness over time, our “Direction” tends to become wisdom.

Just a thought

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Mark Howie

Mark Howie founded ABT | Abacus Black Technologies in response to the need for small to medium-sized businesses in the Central and South-Eastern United States East to have access to a full-service IT department without the overhead expenses of in-house systems and personnel. Mark has authored publications including: "Fundamentals of IT Auditing" and "Securing your Networks." He is US Army veteran, married to his soulmate of 27 years, and father of two. He resides with his family and two dachshunds, just north of Ocean Springs, MS.